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The blue swing from the renowned brand Little Tikes will bring your little one a lot of joy. In addition, you will provide him with a lot of excitement. This swing will keep your child on the rocker smiling and happy. The swing has an adjustable strap, a deep seat and a high backrest to keep the toddler in the right position, thus ensuring maximum safety. The movable crossbar, which serves as a closure, can be raised to allow easy entry and exit from the swing.


    - from 12 months,
    - load up to 23 kg,
    - features adjustable strap,
    - high backrest to hold the baby's head,
    - the length of the rope measured from the backrest is 130 cm (without hook, hook).

Little Tikes means creative solutions and durability, which allows you to enjoy playing for many years. Precisely because of this, one of the flagship products is: car - Cozy Coupe® ride-on, which for more than thirty years has brought joy to the youngest children. It is also toys from the categories: houses, household, swings and playgrounds, rockers and walkers, furniture, garden toys, children's vehicles, slides and monkey groves.

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