Ogromny Drewniany Plac Zabaw Atlantic Backyard Discovery Step2 B1608016

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The Huge Atlantic Playground from the renowned Backyard Discovery brand is a great option for any garden. From now on, the fun in the garden will have no end! The Atlantic wooden playground is an excellent activity center that offers a lot of opportunities for fun. It features a platform in the form of a stilt house with a long, undulating slide, which can be accessed by a ladder or a climbing wall, which has handles at the top for safety. The whole thing is covered by a beautiful wooden roof, which will provide your child with shelter from the sun. An additional feature is a balcony located on the upper level of the playground.

In the lower part you will find a capacious sandbox, a window with a top in the form of a bar, three solid swings (two single and one double).


    - made of cedar wood,
    - dimensions of the upper platform: 163 x 102 (cm),
    - balcony height: 122 cm,
    - length of the slide: 244 cm,
    - sandbox capacity: about 200 kg of sand.

Backyard Discovery - owner of the well-known and respected STEP2 brand - has been producing top-quality garden toys for more than 30 years. You can find wooden playgrounds, which are often equipped with sensational slides, ladders, swings and sandboxes. Bakckyard Discovery also offers playhouses and recreational products for the garden.

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